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As a patient of Dr Kerissa's myself, I know there are so many questions I'd like to ask her after my visits. Sometimes they're questions like:

How long am I supposed to take this for?

Can I take this with this other medication/supplement?

My friend/brother/sister/son/etc. has this problem. Can you help them?

And I'm sure you already know, the list goes on and on.

Dr Kerissa Nielsen is always there to help.

Dr Kerissa is so amazing, she gets back to each and every one of us with her answers. She has offered to help us all with our questions, big and small, by generously offering to answer them on her new Facebook group - Ask Dr Kerissa.

Facebook Group: Ask Dr Kerissa

Dr Kerissa will be available on her new Facebook Group - Ask Dr Kerissa to answer any of your questions. Please follow the link and request to be added to the group. Our moderators will approve your request.

And if you're a homeopathy veteran, perhaps you can help others with your knowledge too. It's all about sharing and caring!

  Posted: Tuesday, January 31st, 6:33am 3 years ago


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It comforts me to know that there is medical care available with no side effects. My family and I thank Dr. Nielsen for the checkup calls to our home and the personal care we have always received. -Mrs. McDonald